2" Loop - Braided Leather Lanyard

2" Loop - Braided Leather Lanyard

2" Loop - Braided Leather Lanyard.
Each six stranded lanyard is hand braided with durable kangaroo leather and wrapped with waxed linen thread. These small lanyards are designed to accept a lanyard bead with a 1/4" opening (it will fit over the linen thread wraps). An ideal accessory for your knives, zippers, purses and key rings, etc...

Approximate Dimensions:
OAL: 4-3/4”
Braid length including ball: 2-3/4"
Braid Diameter: 7/32” (thread wrap diameter 1/4")
Ball Dia: 3/8”
The 2" Loop generally fits up to 1/2" thickness with a 3/16" or larger diameter through hole.

Available in:
Medium Brown with Dark Brown thread
Dark Brown with Black thread
Black with Black thread

Note: Due to the nature of the material there will be slight variations in dimension and color.
Sold individually. Lanyards only. Knives, beads other items and accessories not included.

  • Medium Brown
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  • Dark Brown
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  • Black
    1 available 100%