Split Ring - Braided Leather Lanyard with Tails

Split Ring - Braided Leather Lanyard with Tails

Braided Leather Lanyard with Tails and Split Ring.
Each lanyard is hand braided with eight strands of durable kangaroo leather and and wrapped with waxed linen thread. The stainless steel split ring is suitable for attaching to zippers, key rings and items with small thin openings like Swiss army knives or multi-tools.

Approximate Dimensions:
OAL: 4-1/2”
Braid length including ball: 2-1/2" (braid length including the tails: 4")
Braid Diameter: 1/4” (thread wrap diameter 5/16")
Ball Dia: 7/16”
Split Ring Dia: 1/2"(OD), 3/8"(ID)

Available in:
Medium Brown with Dark Brown thread
Dark Brown with Black thread
Black with Black thread

Note: Due to the nature of the material there will be slight variations in dimension and color.
Sold individually. Lanyards only. Knives and other items and accessories not included.

  • Medium Brown
    3 available 100%
  • Dark Brown
    4 available 100%
  • Black
    5 available 100%